Links to people I like

Fellow Travelers:

Diabolique the best cine fantastique mag on the block

London Horror Society: A growing community for horror fans & industry professionals

The Spooky Isles: A tribute to the best of British and Irish supernatural and horror entertainment

The Year of Halloween: Films, Art, costume and make up tutorials and more

London Horror Festival: The UK’s festival of horror in the performing arts. Founded by Theatre of the Damned and produced by Hidden Basement Productions

Beltane Fire Society: Keeping Edinburgh’s pagan flame burning bright for Beltane and Samhuinn

Edinburgh Horror Festival: Like the Fringe only for Halloween

Wimp Does Horror: Confessions of a newbie horror fan

Classic Horror Films Guide Does what it says on the coffin

The Written Word:

Nicholas Vince: The Chattering Cenobite turned What Monsters Do writer

Kim Newman: Creator of the Anno Dracula universe, author, critic and broadcaster

Leah Moore and John Reppion: Comic Book Writers and Fortean Author

Neil Spring: Ghost Hunter author

Titan Books: Publishers of some of the finest new horror and fantasy

Neil Gaiman: Author and all-round nice bloke

Steve Jones: Horror’s top anthologist

The Stage:

Danse Macabre: They will keep your nightmares in progress

The Magic Lantern:

Prano Bailey-Bond: Director of Shortcut (eek!) and many more

David Chaudoir: Bad Acid and much much more

Emma Dark: Multi talented UK filmmaker, actress and model

Peter Dukes – Dream Seekers Productions: An ambitious and hugely talented indie filmmaker

Mansfield Dark: Spooky animation and live action, shorts and features

James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez – Night Walker Cinema: The directing duo behind some of the best horror shorts we’ve seen

Robert Nolan: Canadian actor and indie horror film icon

Bill Oberst Jr.: Indie horror legend in the making and probably the nicest man in the business

Tony Sands: Actor, writer, presenter, he was Tom in Moondial now he’s all grown up

Jen & Sylvia Soska – Twisted Twins Productions: Known for their films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary, these two aren’t afraid to push the boundaries

Wyldewood Productions: Makers of indie short classics Wishing Well and Room to Rent

Network Distributing: Network is run by specialists with inside knowledge of the TV and film industries, and a passion for quality. Preserving the old whilst promoting the new, Network distributes DVDs, Blu-rays and more, and specialises in titles unjustly neglected and gathering dust in the vaults of TV companies

Dungeon Wall Daubs:

Graham Humphreys: you probably own more of this bloke’s art than you realise

The Children of the Night who Sing so Sweetly:

Bernard Herrman: Probably the most important horror movie composer ever

Bloody Jug Band: Southern Fried mayhem

The Mission: the Uk’s most colourful Goths

Motorhead: Just because

The Ramonas: like the Ramones but girls

Hot Horrid Simon’s Helpful Folks

The Ultimate Guide to Cosplay Makeup

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