Synchronic (2020, USA)

The daily grind of drug casualties and violent crime victims for New Orleans paramedics is torn asunder when city youth fall into the grip of a new synthetic high in Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Synchronic, which is out on Home Premiere 29 January.

Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan) find themselves called out to a number of bizarre inexplicable and deaths and gruesome injuries that are linked by the presence of a wrapper for a legal high drug called Synchronic. Having tracked down the last few samples in town Steve discovers that Synchronic effects the user’s pineal gland allowing them, should they be youthful enough for the gland not to have calcified, to travel back in time. Now it just so happens that despite his age Steve has an uncalcified pineal gland thanks to a recently diagnosed terminal brain tumour. This is quite handy since Dennis’s teenage daughter Brianna (Ally Ionnides) has just vanished from a party where Synchronic was being used, but Steve only has only seven Synchronic pills left to find Brianna and bring her back from whatever time she is stranded in.

Steve hets to chill in Ice Age New Orleans

OK the science here is well dodgy, but despite all that Synchronic is a totally engrossing piece of time travelling sci fi. Steve’s experimental trips to different parts of the past of New Orleans are really cleverly imagined and packed with excitement. The time travel SFX are pretty neat too. Mackie and Dornan have a nice working chemistry together making Synchronic a curious buddy movie and watch out for Hothouse pal Bill Oberst Jnr in a supporting role.

Engaging time travelling sci fi adventure we give Synchronic a 666/666

Signature Entertainment will release Synchronic on home premiere 29 January

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