NOS4A2 Season Two (2020 USA)

Based upon the novel by Stephen King's son Joe we loved Season One of NOS4A2, so we had to binge Season Two as soon as we had the time, so if you ain't seen Season One beware here be spoilers. Zachary Quinto as Charlie Manx, Mattea Conforti as Millie Manx - NOS4A2 _ Season 2,... Continue Reading →

Raw (2016, France/Belgium)

Ha ha I remember when the Julia Ducournau's Raw was first unleashed in the UK cinema's and the tabloid press went totally gaga at about this tale of cannibalism at a top veterinary college, warning viewers to bring a sick bucket with them. Sure its bloody, gruesome and very, very blackly funny, but since it's... Continue Reading →

Broil (2020, USA)

After the disappointment of Smiley Face Killers, Edward Drake's Broil is much more to my taste (see what I did there) Let's not go to Granpa's party Justifiably pissed off with being constantly picked on for her disability teen Chance Sinclair (Avery Conrad) hits back at her tormentors and gets kicked out of her exclusive... Continue Reading →

Smiley Face Killers (2020, USA)

Allegedly based upon true events Smiley Face Killers takes us to California where the authorities are baffled by the number of young men washed up on the coast drowned. Are they suicides or is the smiley face daubed on the rocks nearby the sigil of a serial killer? Who knows? Jake's idea of getting hammered... Continue Reading →

Dawn of the Dead Box Set (1978, USA)

With Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead about to be unleashed on the big screen, Covid of course permitting, those lovely people at Second Sight Films have just released this awesome four disc collection of the original zombie master George A Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead. The box set features three beautifully restored different... Continue Reading →

Portal (AKA Doors, 2021, USA)

just imagine what would happen if gateways to another reality were to open up all over the world. would you step over the line? Well that's the premise of Portal (AKA Doors) the new movie from Chris White, Saman Kesh, Jeff Desom and Dugan O'Neal, the team that brought you V/H/S, Sea Fever and Becky, Portal comes in three parts Lockdown,... Continue Reading →

Hausen (2020, Germany)

Not so much a haunted house but a haunted tower block estate is the new home of buildings manager Jaschek (Charlie Hubner) and his 16 year old son Juri (Tristan Gobel) in Sky Atlantic's latest supernatural offering from Germany Hausen. Jaschek and Juri's new home is no luxury complex rather than a massive sink estate... Continue Reading →

What Lies Below (2020, USA)

When Liberty (Ema Horvath) comes back to her family's lakeside Adirondack house from summer camp she discovers mum (Mena Suvari) has got herself a 'super fit' new boyfriend. John (Trey Tucker) is all muscles and must spend hours depilating most of his torso. He also claims to be a genetic biologist researching how to adapt... Continue Reading →

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